pdf marketing

PDF Marketing – An easy way to earn money

PDF Marketing Online marketing has become the basic need in the current times. The online world has grown to great extent and thus the marketing and business are run well in the online market. For online marketing success there are many techniques and the information is send over internet in various formats. But it is found that the PDF marketing…

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html embed pdf

Best ways to have HTML embed PDF

Best ways to have HTML embed PDF You might have seen that there are many websites use HTML embed pdf files directly in their web page rather than giving a download link for the same. It is because the beauty and help of HTML 5, and you can also do this easily without making use of any of the complicated 3rd party…

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embed pdf in web page

How to embed pdf in web page?

How to embed pdf in web page? The content of website on the internet nowadays is not just text and images. There are many other types of content that are now embedded on a web page. One of the most common one is the .pdf format files. This type of content is generally used to display any long written document,…

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embed PDF in HTML

Easy 4 Steps to Embed PDF in HTML Code

Adding a PDF file to you website can be of great advantage. There are many benefits that the user on your website can avail. PDF linking is similar to linking another web page to your website. When you link a PDF file to your website, then it depends upon configuration of the user’s web browser. Sometime it happens that the…

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pdf embed

PDF embed into a Drupal node

PDF embed into a Drupal node There are many times when you need to include many different types of documents in your Drupal projects, meaning as a part of your full-fledged content type of Drupal. One of the most commonly used type is PDF embed. PDFs are considered to be problematic as different browsers treat PDF files in a different…

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Embedded PDF in PPT

Can PowerPoint presentations have embedded PDF?

If you are working on a PowerPoint presentation and you need embedded PDF into one of the slides, what will you do? While most of you might think that the process should be simple and you can just right click and then click on the insert menu and then the object. But by doing so, you’ll realize things are not…

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display pdf in html

How to display pdf in HTML

Do you want to display pdf in html page, and you don’t know the right way, then this is the article you would like read through. It is very simple for a professional web designer to display pdf in HTML. They can simply do it by interlinking the tag to the document which can be downloaded from the web page. HTML…

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Embed PDF

How to Embed PDF in WordPress Using Google Plugin

Google has come a long way and now there are several innovations in its functioning. You now have the Google Doc Embedder which lets you embed PDF or MS Word  and many other files in web pages using the Google Docs viewer which is free. To embed PDF no plug-in or PDF viewers are required.  Working on Google is a pleasure with…

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pdf publisher

MS PDF Publisher is one of the Best

In the world of business, we use a variety of softwares, for drafting different kinds of reports and information. From making greeting cards for your business to design different types of brochures; the desktop publishing software are widely used. This software is not only used for making the cards and calendars rather they can also be used in designing the websites and graphics.…

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PDF Publishing

PDF Publishing – Tips to a quick startup

PDF Publishing Information sharing is the biggest achievement of this era and it is really helpful to you in earning money as well. You can earn well by selling the information that you have. The things that may be holding you are that you might not know on writing book, selling it online and many there obstacles. PDF Publishing is…

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