Some time ago I began searching online for a digital pdf publishing software that makes creating online brochures easy. I was looking for a free software with a user-friendly interface. Although I came across lots of different platforms, I wasn’t really satisfied with the services they offered. Then, while researching, I ran across I tried their PDF to online magazine conversion platform and was totally impressed!

Added to the many features this site offers, you are also able to integrate your online publication into your website afterwards (similar process like here Easy 4 Steps to Embed PDF in HTML Code).

In order to be able to use Yumpu, you need to have your own PDF in advance. The site then converts your PDF file into a page-flipping magazine/brochure/catalogue in just minutes. If you don’t have a PDF file already, please go on and read this article about MS pdf Publisher.

Desktop Publishing Software

In the world of business, we use a variety of software for drafting different kinds of reports and information. From making greeting cards for your business to designing different types of brochures or magazines; so desktop publishing software is widely used. Such software cannot only be used for creating cards and calendars rather it can also be used for creating documents and graphics for publishing. Moreover, many use MS Publisher for making PDF files in the end.

The desktop publishing tools are often used by publishers or individuals to create special greeting cards, banners, catalogues, magazines etc. Hence these powerful tools can be used for numerous marketing tasks, like for example PDF marketing. There are many features and templates for creating brochures, flyers, and other business cards that can be utilised. This software is also used in many peripheral programs for designing different graphics, handling fonts and can also be used in web designing. The Microsoft Publisher is mostly used by people who want to publish their PDFs in an attractive and impressive way. This software saves you from the additional expense of purchasing separate publishing programs.

Microsoft pdf publisher

The Microsoft website has maintained a well-organized interface from where you can find thousands of templates from which you can pick according to your need and desire. If you want to prepare a new template you don’t have to think all over again, instead you can choose from already built templates on the website. This will save a lot of time.  

MS PDF publisher pros

The MS publisher has a series of features and wizards that can be used to pick up any sort of document, which you can edit later. Business people can design their documents, business logos and websites using the MS pdf publisher. There are many downloadable templates online that have been previously created. The MS publisher is very easy to use. It has many flexible options that can be used in order to prepare eye-catching and effective PDF files. This publisher lets you create pdfs which you can use to embed pdf or display pdf in html website.

MS publisher cons

One of the biggest con of the MS pdf publisher is that you cannot update a previously prepared publication in the newer version of MS publisher. This makes it difficult to import the previously prepared PDF files into a newer version. If you are to send your work to a printing facility then you need to have similar versions of MS publisher on both the sending and receiving side.

Every layout included in MS publisher has not the ability to convert into a PDF file so you have to choose carefully while selecting a template. Always choose those templates that can be easily be converted into PDF files. The templates often found on the Microsoft websites are set up wide and these are far too lengthy when publishing. These are some factors that you need to consider before using the MS publisher.

Learn How to Use Microsoft Publisher

  • Firstly you have to choose a brochure or flyer design, which you can alter according to your need. After selecting a template design you need to decide whether the publication will be a self-mailer or will be handed out directly to the people.
  • While creating the (digital) publication, you should decide whether to add any graphics or not. After selecting a template and deciding upon the required layout, opt for selecting the colour scheme and font. Use styles for consistent formatting. Use different styles for describing different things so that it appears more eye-catching.
  • Distributing and aligning the objects evenly will make your publication a perfect one. To align any images use the align buttons in the MS pdf publisher. Always use the Text box to add additional text to the publication.
  • Always add your company information at the end of the publication whether you are publishing a brochure, magazine, flyer etc.

Final words

The software is widely used by businessmen but also by individuals in order to make different kinds of brochures, calendars, greeting cards and flyers. There are many advantages that you will encounter using the Microsoft publisher. Hence, you can use the pdf publisher in order to make any kind of PDF files which you can, in turn, use for creating your digital magazines on Yumpu afterwards.

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