Adding a PDF file to your website can be of great advantage. There are many benefits of pdf marketing and pdf publishing for both user and pdf publisher. PDF linking is similar to linking another web page to your website. When you link a PDF file to your website, then it depends upon configuration of the user’s web browser. Sometime it happens that the browser might open a PDF window in the browser, or the browser will allow the acrobat reader PDF reader to run the embedded file. When trying to embed PDF in HTML you should also add PDF plugins. The adobe plugins are mostly used by the web masters. These help in maintaining a control over the things that the users can see.

The pdf embed is done on the websites, which does not gives and external link of the PDF file to be downloaded however, it pop opens a screen on your browser from where you can easily read the PDF file.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to embed PDF in HTML web page. Following these steps you will be able to display pdf in html. These four simple steps are described below:

Open the HTML code

The first step to embed PDF in HTML is to upload your PDF file to the webserver. It should be on the same server where you want to embed the PDF to the HTML. The HTML editor will assist you while uploading. The HTML code only allows the reader to read the PDF file After uploading you need to locate the HTML code where you want your PDF file to appear.

Go to the Exact Location

The second step is to go to the exact location where you embedded PDF to the HTML page. The PDF file will be seen at a specific place on your web page. You need to create a location, which turns out to be appealing for the web crawlers.

The PDF link on your website should be easily approachable for the viewers. This will not only help them, but will also aid you in increasing the traffic on your website.

Adding the Code – Embed Pdf in Web Page

You can used the following, to add the code to your HTML page. <embed src=”” width=”xxx” height=”xxx”>. This code is specifically used to locate and add the PDF file to the HTML page. The embed code plays an important role in easily uploading the PDF file to the web page.

URL of the PDF file

The last step while you embed PDF in HTML is to create a URL of the PDF File that you have added to the web page. Creating a URL fro you PDF file is necessary so that the users on your website can easily access the PDF file.

First of all upload the PDF file to the website or the web page. And then create a hyperlink so that it is easily approachable by the viewers.

Benefits of Embed PDF in HTML

There are many benefits that the site owners can earn by embedding the PDF files on their sites. You can detect the viewers that have visited your site, and have viewed the PDF file on your page. Mostly the PDF plugins are used to open these files. You can also place a link to download the adobe plugins from your site, it will increase the traffic on your page. Arranging a PDF file on your page has many benefits, it allows the viewers to use a variety of navigation options that are helpful while reading the document. The PDF security measures can also be added which aid in increasing the security of your website.  


To embed PDF in HTML is essential because it maintain a control over the users of your website. You can easily check the users who have visited the PDF file. The HTML, PDF embedding is quite easier, and if you have a HTML editor it becomes even simpler. It does not require any extra bit of training session to make your IT experts and web master to learn how to embed PDF in HTML.

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