PDF Marketing is on the Rise

If you are working on a PowerPoint presentation and you need embedded PDF in one of the slides, what will you do? While most of you might think that the process should be simple and you can just right click and then click on the insert menu and then the object. But by doing so, you’ll realize things are not the same with PDF files, problems can become worse if you need multiple PDF files. PDF marketing or PDF publishing has always been a good way of distributing content. Thanks to some easy methods, it is quite easy to embed pdf almost anywhere.

Embedded PDF in your PowerPoint presentation

Before we start talking about the methods that you can use for embedded PDF in PowerPoint presentation, let us first understand the true meaning of ‘’inserting a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation’’. First things first- you will only be able to insert the first page of the PDF file. So, if at all you have multiple PDF pages, you will be required to split them into separate PDF files (this will be explained later).

The next thing is that you will be required to have some application that can read PDF files. If you’ll try to insert PDF file without the PDF reader application, you will simply get an object icon on your presentation. Adobe Reader is generally preferred by most, but you can download other readers as well.

So, let us start with the methods.

Inserting PDF File as Object

  • If you want embedded PDF in your PowerPoint presentation, you can do so by clicking on the insert icon and then click on object.
  • Now, click on Create from file -> Browse
  • After clicking on browse, select the PDF file that you want to insert and then click on OK button. Make sure that you don’t check any of the available boxes.
  • If you’ve followed these steps correctly, the first page of the PDF will now be available on the PowerPoint slide.

As you can see, now you will only have the first page of the PDF file on the slide. If you just want that page, then you are done. But if not, you will be required to split every page into a separate file and then add each of them. We will talk about splitting the PDF file in separate files later in this article.

Insert PDF with Attach Action

If you don’t want to follow the splitting method, you can add the first page of the PDF file and then you can open PDF file in your PDF reader when presenter will click on the same. You will be required to open an external application. But if you are ok with it, then this method is simpler than the splitting method.

Have a look at the Link box which you will find next to Browse button in the dialog that opens after clicking on Insert Object. There you should be able to click on the PDF object. But if at all you are not able to click on the PDF, there are few ways you can use to attach action to the already embedded PDF.

What you can do is-

  • Click on the file object of PDF on the slide
  • Click on Insert -> Action
  • Now, the Action dialog will open. Here you will find Object, click on it and then click on Open from the menu.

While there are other methods as well t use Attach action, this is simpler and works on most systems.

Splitting PDF File

If you want to insert every page of the PDF file separately, you will be required to separate them first. There are many tools that you can find online to split the pages. Some of best ones are-



If you are looking for embedded PDF documents in PowerPoint presentations, use the above mentioned methods and you will surely get the desired results. If you are interested in PDF Publishing in general and in how to use the PDF embed function for your website you can read through this article: How to embed pdf in web page.

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