Google has come a long way and now there are several innovations in its functioning. You now have the Google Doc Embedder which lets you embed PDF or MS Word and many other files in web pages using the Google Docs viewer which is free. For a PDF’s embed, no plug-in or special viewer is required. Working with it is a pleasure with so many facilities. A variety of files can be embedded into WordPress by making use of Google doc embedder which is free. There is the facility of inline viewing for a large number of files with no browser plug-ins or flash.

The Facilities offered with recent changes

There are recent changes which have benefitted the company’s viewer. If you can manage to store your files in Google drive using the Embedder plugin, then you will have no problem in displaying them faster and in a more reliable way. It is better to learn to use the Embedder Secure for new plugins which will make it difficult to download whole documents for users. Embedder Premium is come with a new function of mobile friendly viewing of PDFs.  If the company is able to provide the doc viewer for free and the plugin works than internet will support the use of it.

PDF Publishing: How to Embed PDF Documents Easily into your Page

Embed PDF or any other document in a WordPress website with the WordPress plugin and not with plugins like Acrobat reader or flash. You have the possibility to choose between Microsoft Office Online or Google Docs viewer to view your documents. The documents can be accessed from anywhere on the internet or any site which is easily accessible for you. If you have done this right, you would be able to view all the attachments on your WordPress site. Furthermore, the page would open these links in a new tab to make sure that visitors would still remain on your site while being able to view the file.

Benefits of Embedded PDF

Embed PDFs or any documents using the WordPress plugin and you will have no problem. It will be easy to integrate and upload the file. Just by clicking on a button, documents can be uploaded in the media library and you can integrate them.  Things are made so much easier and you have the option to choose your viewer. If Microsoft Office online is down you can use Google Docs Viewer. No third party plugin is required. Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft office online plugin will help you view your documents. Do not worry, there will be full functionality for your documents. There are no difficulties as every document comes with minimal and clean UI. There is cross browser empathy. The viewers have cross browser rapport and are mobile ready.

Knowing more about Google Doc Embedder

The Embedder makes things quite easy. Services such as this and Scribd will make it easy for you to incorporate files directly into a page or post that you require without the use of Microsoft word, Power point or Adobe reader or any other installed software to view the content.  There is no need to upload the file to any other service first.  The files can be kept anywhere on the internet or any publicly accessible web page and can be directly uploaded.

WordPress sites allow you to do a whole bunch of things without having lots of development knowledge. You would not need to be a web developer to make significant changes to your website, and if you are working with Google docs, this has just become a lot easier. You can now start with developing PDF marketing strategies for your company, your work or own projects without having to think twice about the amount you would have to pay for the development of a site. You can get this done yourself at home, or with a few tips, even be better at the entire website modified. A Google docs and Microsoft Word file can now be embedded into WordPress without any effort and this makes it so easy to share your documents.  There are lots of PDF publishers out there and to display PDF in html sites is not an art. Share your experiences with us and we’d be happy to support you!

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