The content of website on the internet nowadays is not just text and images. There are many other types of content that are now embedded on a web page. One of the most common one is the .pdf format files. This type of content is generally used to display any long written document, e-books, etc. There are multiple ways in which you can embed pdf in web page.

Let us have a look at some of the most common ways.

  1. Embed Pdf in Web Page As a Separate Full Page

This method will allow you to embed pdf in web page as a full web page. This means that there will not be any other content on the page apart from the .pdf file. The result will be like reading a .PDF file with a browser and not with a .pdf reader. The method is pretty simple and all you need to do to make a pdf embed is to link the required .PDF file with an <a> tag.

Tag- <a href=”path of your .pdf file” target=”blank” > Cerita </a>

Simply use this tag and replace the red text with the path of your .pdf file.

The above mentioned code will create a link which the users can click to open the .pdf file in the browser.

  1. Within the Webpage in Parts

This method will allow you to display the .pdf file as a part of your webpage. What this means is that the .pdf file will be a part of your webpage along with all the other contents of the webpage, unlike the above mentioned method which displays a separate page with the .pdf file in full. This can be done with the help of the <embed> tag.

Tag- <embed src=”path of your .pdf file” type=”application/pdf” width=”400” height= “600” />

Use the path of your .pdf in the place of the red text.

  1. Google Docs

Another great method to embed .pdf file in web page is to use Google Docs. This is ideally recommended if you want a web-based, simple PDF viewer that is compatible with TIFF images, PowerPoint files, Word Documents, etc. If you are only looking for a document viewer, you are not even required to visit the page. Simply publish the required document to get its URL and then append that URL in the Google Docs Viewer at

By doing so, you’ll get url= your URL.  As this path will also accept the parameter of embedding, you can make use of iframes for embedding any PDF document viewer on your web page. Simply copy embed code on the page of Google Docs Viewer.

  1. Scribd

While this method is also very useful, it is a little different. Scribd is a website which allows you to share documents and is used by the authors who are looking to get their work published online. All you need to do is to sign-up on the website and you will get upload your document and get an impressive viewer for it. With the help of Scribd you can import Google Docs documents and can also create documents from the pasted text.

If you have a lot of .pdf files and feel that PDF marketing is the right choice for you to sell or display pdf in html on your website, you can use other websites that transform your PDF files into page-flipping magazines for sharing your documents, like Yumpu, edocr, YUDU, DocStoc, YouPublish, etc. These are the platforms that will provide your document with the required exposure as they are pretty popular among the masses.

These are some of the most common methods used to embed pdf in web page. All these methods are quite straightforward and PDF Publishing or particularly to embed pdf in html is made easy using them without being a web designer or being technically proficient.

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